Elite Education Staffing is a full service staffing agency that provides professional substitute teachers to charter schools throughout the US, currently meeting the day to day staffing needs of over 75 Public Charter Schools. Whether your needs require half or full day service, all of our qualified teachers are prepared from day one to meet your immediate staffing needs. Our goal is to make the right fit - matching you with the right teacher in order to achieve the highest results.

We recognize that charter school administrators have enough responsibilities to deal with. Our one step process is easy and simple with direct access to an Elite Educational Staffing owner so you are guaranteed the best possible service. And to better assist our clients, all of our teachers are:

● Interviewed and their Previous Work History verified
● Covered by Workers Compensation Insurance
● Screened by DOJ LiveScan, Fingerprinting & Background Checks
● Credential Verified

Elite Educational Staffing is fully insured with both General Liability and Professional Liability insurance.

Charter Organizations currently serviced by Elite Educational Staffing include:

● Rocketship Schools
● Envision Schools
● KIPP Schools
● Escuela Popular Schools
● Ace Charter School
● Downtown College Prep Schools
● Leadership Public Schools

For more information or to schedule a substitute teacher today, call (877) 218-1319 or email